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(2013)-City betting on early Gabriel

Translated from a Portuguese website

Promising Gabriel Almeida reinforced Manchester City

Manchester City have secured more than a miracle for the future, stressing in this case connected to his pastSporting , a club that had the services of Gabriel Casseres Fernando Morais de Almeida, aka Gabriel Almeida, having The SOCCER NEWS known that the young Brazilian is considered a real sense to have reached England a few years after having been worked by the main responsible for the formation of Sporting.

technicist The player is seen as a wonder to explore in England after proved for the low-Schools green-and-white that made ​​him a valuable referenced by higher echelons, including Child teams, who ended up not counting its contribution because of their departure to his country to abandon it now signing a millionaire with the character 'Citizens'. talent of the young athlete has it been worth many compliments from the beginning of his career Gabriel Almeida has reached agreement with Manchester City , which may in future have a star discovered in Portugal the service of Corroios Gymnasium , where he went to the Sporting still tender age, only 6 years, and in their primes were first selected by coach Leo at the time, John Joseph , and his remaining technical team, which met with an undeniable talent. On his arrival at Chelsea, the Brazilian soccer players began to compete with the older age group because of the green-and-white there is a team competition for the very young age of the player at that time, which did not prevent soon prove their value, which lasted for three seasons. Currently 15 years old, Gabriel Almeida could become England star Gabriel Adams has known an ascending path that matches their ambitions quality player, taking advantage of the opportunity to move to a new country that will enrich your curriculum and can also lead to a career of excellence after leaving Sporting a very young age, telling the young player only 15 years at present. In Brazilian soccer training is the creative been compared to players in the line of Diego Maradona , Zinedine Zidane orKaka , reflecting the enormous potential that makes it a value below the international level, which may be in the next year Gabriel de Almeida as a remarkable figure considering their intense attacking football

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